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    The key to a Global Movement is a lot of smaller movements coming together to push a revolution. Find something interesting? Let's build on it together. We believe renewable energy sustains longterm momentum.

    Purpose Entrepreneurship

    Innovating The Future

    The future is built by minds audacious enough to walk by faith and create a world that cannot yet be seen. We are manifesting environments where limitations are a thing of the past and opportunity is being driven by our love for all of Humanity. Learn more about our Entrepreneur Challenge2020

    Purpose Intrapreneurship

    Motivating Millennial Teams

    Activate their Passion, Guide them to their Purpose and watch them Work hard & Play Hard for Global Impact. We have built teams of young people all around the world that know how to get things done and make memories of a Lifetime. Learn More about our Intrapreneurship Challenge

    Purpose Education

    Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders

    Education is no longer about just getting the knowledge to secure a future of riches. It's about the wisdom and understanding kids need to live together in diverse communities and find meaning in their life, so they can share it with the world. Learn More about our Leadership X2 Challenge

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  • "Coming together is a Start, Staying together is Progress, Working together is a Success!" - Henry Ford

    "by Wisdom, a House is Built, through Understanding it is Established,

    and by Knowledge it's Rooms are filled with rare and Beauty Riches" King Solomon

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