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    Since 2014, our visionary foundation lead by Chairman of the Board, Richard C. Wimsatt has been on a mission to empower, connect, and activate generations to release their potential. We have sowed billions of ideas, hours, and recourses toward next-generation projects including international events, cross-cultural programs, life coaching, creative development, vision consulting, and venture builders. Our global ethics infrastructure unites millions of student leaders and social entrepreneurs through meaningful movements, bridges, and vehicles of impact. In 2017 the ZPU Foundation seeded the Purpose Life Group which launched an impact-investing ecosystem Initiative to accelerate an endowment search generational exchange portfolio of education, health, and sustainability assets.

    Purpose Education


    Purpose Innovation


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  • Impact-Investing Ecosystem

    Accelerating Special Purpose Vehicles for the Next Generation

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    to Change A Generation

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    We are humbled by the countless supporters around the world that help us Reach Generations!
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  • Movement of Movements

    The key to a Global Movement is a lot of smaller movements coming together to push a revolution.

    Purpose Education

    Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders

    Education is no longer about just getting the knowledge to secure a future of riches. It's about the wisdom and understanding kids need to live together in diverse communities and find meaning in their life, so they can share it with the world. Learn More about our Leadership X2 Challenge

    Purpose Intrapreneurship

    Motivating Millennial Teams

    Activate their Passion, Guide them to their Purpose and watch them Work hard & Play Hard for Global Impact. We have built teams of young people all around the world that know how to get things done and make memories of a Lifetime. Learn More about our Intrapreneurship Challenge

    Purpose Entrepreneurship

    Innovating The Future

    The future is built by minds audacious enough to walk by faith and create a world that cannot yet be seen. We are manifesting environments where limitations are a thing of the past and opportunity is being driven by our love for all of Humanity. Learn more about our Entrepreneur Challenge2020

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